The wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsnes Day Tour


12 hours

✓ All year

✓ Easy

✓ Snæfellsjökull
✓ Arnarstapi
✓ Lóndrangar
✓ Djúpalónssandur
✓ Saxhóll
✓ Kirkjufell

✓ English speaking guide
✓ Minibus
✓ Small group (max 19 persons)
✓ Wi-Fi and Icelandic music on board
✓ Icelandic delicatessen

What you need to bring: 
✓ Joy and happiness!
✓ Waterproof clothing

Minimum age
None. All welcome!


Fancy an unforgettable journey with a small group and experienced guide? Then this day-trip of Snæfellsnes peninsula is perfect for you! Hopping through the magnificent and picturesque sites, you’ll see steep glacial-carved mountains, endless black beaches, moss topped lava fields, volcanic craters, sci-fi-esque coastal cliffs topped off by the volcanic glacier Snæfellsjökull where Jules Verne set the beginning of the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Snæfellsnes is the setting of numerous tales and legends. We promise a guide that knows the stories and goes deep into the famous Icelandic Saga literature from the middle ages originating from the area. Most of them have something to do with the majestic volcano Snæfellsjökull that was immortalized in the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne in 1864, the famous mountain Kirkjufell or “Church Mountain”, the beach Djúpalónsandur, the fishing village Arnarstapi, all of which we visit on our tour. Finally, Tröll Expeditions will invite you to taste some authentic local delicatessen made with local passion, by a local.

This tiny fishing village has picturesque coastal cliffs which derived from glowing magma hitting the wild waves of the Atlantic. Known in Iceland as the most beautiful harbor of the country. Thousands of years later erosion has formed beautiful stone arcs and remarkable blowholes. Enjoy a walk along the coastline while your guide tells you all about Bárður, half-man half-troll, and his misdeeds in the area.

Looming over the entire southern coastline, Lóndrangar, a set of 75 meter high basalt pinnacles set the tone for what’s to come. They host a variety of seabirds, northern fulmars and puffins to name a few. Locals believe that these rock formations are a sacred place for the hidden people and were formally trolls – so they hold a special place in the hearts of us at Troll Expeditions.

A beach of black volcanic sand and stones where for centuries Icelandic fishermen rowed out to the fertile fishing grounds of the Atlantic ocean. Still today we find the so-called “lifting stones” which fishermen of yore used to test out their strength and prove themselves worthy of the physically straining life of Atlantic rowboat fishing. You can try to lift them yourself! In 1948 a British fishing trawler stranded on the sand reefs of Djúpalónssandur. Five men perished while 14 were rescued by local rescue squads. The remains of the ship are still there, strewn across the beach as an eerie reminder of the awesome power of nature.

Formed over 4,000 years ago, this Volcanic crater has now been made accessible via an iron staircase giving you the option of hiking it. The hike is not too challenging and gives you a 360° view of the lava fields with Snæfellsjökull glacier looming over.

Kirkjufell – Church mountain
This iconic narrow mountain has become the landmark of Snæfellsnes in recent years. The erosive powers of the glaciers during the last ice age about 12,000 years ago gave this mountain its shape. Due to this unique look, it is one of the most photographed sights in Iceland and just across you will see the beautiful waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss next to it which completes your perfect shot of the mountain. There are numerous vantage points for the perfect photograph and our guides know them all!

If any of the above ticks your box, then there’s nothing to wait for! Join our experienced and professional guides now and explore with us the wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Book now!!

Follow the path to the tour to explore the wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula!


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