2 Day Snæfellsnes | Lava Caving, Waterfalls. Seals and Northern Lights hunting

Would you like to join an unforgettable Expedition to remote places with an awesome small group? Then this 2-day tour to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is perfect for you. Experience the charming Snæfellsnes in this two-day excursion that takes you to the highlights of the peninsula, which often is referred to as miniature Iceland, for its diverse landscapes. You will be taken to geothermal areas, waterfalls, cultural sites, cliffs, beaches, caves and volcanic craters and witness the diverse bird and sea life in the area.

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✓ Hraunfossar waterfall
✓ Barnafoss waterfall
✓ Deildartunguhver thermal spring
✓ Reykholt village
✓ Gerðuberg basalt columns
✓ Ytri-Tunga beach and seal colony
✓ Snæfellsjökull glacier
✓ Arnarstapi fishing village
✓ Lóndrangar basalt cliffs
✓ Djúpalónssandur beach of black volcanic sand
✓ Saxhóll crater
✓ Ólafsvík fishing village
✓ Kirkjufell, the Church Mountain
✓ Kirkjufellfoss waterfall
✓ Búðakirkja, “the Black Churco of Búðir”


Minibus, Wi-Fi and Icelandic music on board, Icelandic delicatessen, lava cave equipment, northern lights hunt
And more…



2 days

Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls

Hraunfossar are hundreds of small streams falling out of a lava field into a glacier river. Right next to it, you will see the so-called “Childrens Falls”, or Barnafoss, where a local mother removed a natural stone bridge after her children had fallen into the river on an icy day.

Deildartunguhver thermal spring

A hot spring which releases 180 liters of boiling hot water per second. It is the most powerful hot spring in Europe and provides the surrounding farms and even two towns with geothermal heating and hot tap water. The steam can be seen long distance before you arrive.

Reykholt village

This village was the intellectual center of Iceland in the Middle Ages hosting a big manuscript production. It was the home of the famous Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241), an important poet and politician who was the author of many books which are the foundation of the Icelandic culture today. And he was one of the first Icelanders building his own geothermal pool.

Gerðuberg basalt column

The basalt columns at Gerðuberg form an imposing wall which is up to 15 meters (50 ft) high. From here you have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and some volcanic craters, for example, Eldborg.

Northern Lights hunt

Arriving at our hotel in Stykkishólmur you will move into your room, have dinner and then meet your guide for further information about the Northern Lights. If the sky is clear and the forecast is good your guide will find a good spot to hunt the famous Aurora Borealis.

Arnarstapi fishing village

This tiny fishing village has picturesque coastal cliffs which derived from glowing magma hitting the wild waves of the Atlantic ocean. Thousands of years later erosion has formed beautiful stone arcs and remarkable blowholes. We will have a walk along the seashore and enjoy plenty of viewpoints.

Vatnshellir lava cave

This lava cave is 200 meters long and was formed in an eruption more than 5.000 years ago. It hosts a variety of impressing lava formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, and the bones of an arctic fox which was trapped in the cave by accident. We will meet our cave guide at the entrance and he will provide us with helmets and flashlights. Join us into the dark underworld of Iceland!

Ytri Tunga beach and seal colony

Ytri-Tunga is a sandy beach that has a little secret hidden away down by the sea behind the farmhouses… a seal colony! Seals love to spend their time on the rocks of this beautiful beach. They are friendly and curious and will climb up on the rocks for you to spot them from a distance.

Lóndrangar basalt cliffs

Looming over the entire southern coastline, Lóndrangar, a set of 75-meter high basalt pinnacles set the tone for what’s to come. They host a variety of seabirds, northern fulmars and puffins, and others. Locals believe that these rock formations are a sacred place for the hidden people and were formally trolls – so they hold a special place in the hearts of us at Troll Expeditions.

Djúpalónssandur beach of black volcanic sand

A beach of black volcanic sand and stones where for centuries Icelandic fishermen rowed out to the fertile fishing grounds of the Atlantic ocean. Still today we find the so-called “lifting stones” which fishermen of yore used to test out their strength and prove themselves worthy of the physically straining life of Atlantic rowboat fishing. You can try to lift them yourself! In 1948 a British fishing trawler stranded on the sand reefs of Djúpalónssandur. Five men perished while 14 were rescued by local rescue squads. The remains of the ship are still there, strewn across the beach as an eerie reminder of the awesome power of nature.

Saxhóll crater

Formed over 4,000 years ago, this Volcanic crater has now been made accessible via an iron staircase giving you the option of hiking it. The hike is not too challenging and gives you a 360° view of the lava fields with Snæfellsjökull glacier looming over.

Kirkjufell, “The Church Mountain” and Kirkjufellfoss waterfall

This iconic narrow mountain has become the landmark of Snæfellsnes in recent years. The erosive powers of the glaciers during the last ice age about 12,000 years ago gave this mountain its shape. Due to this unique look, it is one of the most photographed sights in Iceland and just across you will see the beautiful waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss which completes your perfect shot of the mountain. There are numerous vantage points for the perfect photograph and our guides know them all!

Búðakirkja, the Black Church of Búðir

On the south coast of the peninsula, there’s a village with only a hotel and a tiny black church called the Búðakirkja that sits alone among a field of lava rocks. Búðakirkja was built on the spot in 1703 and reconstructed in 1987 after a claim by a single member that lobbied to have it back. It has a historic graveyard, a bell and chalice from the time it was erected. It is a listed building owned by the National Museum of Iceland, but it is in the care of the Búðir parish. Without a doubt, this pistoresque chapel has a romantic air about it and is a real attraction to the site.

Are you ready to explore the most sci-fiesque area of the country? Would you like to see black churches, waterfalls, lava caves and hunt for the northern lights?

Join our experienced and professional guides now and explore with us the wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and Borgarnes. Book by selecting the date.

✓  8:00am

✓  2 days

✓  Easy

✓  Hraunfossar
✓  Barnafoss
✓  Deildartunguhver
✓  Reykholt
✓ Gerðuberg
✓  Arnarstapi
✓ Ytri-Tunga beach and seal colony
✓ Snæfellsjökull
✓ Arnarstapi
✓ Lóndrangar
✓ Djúpalónssandur
✓  Saxhóll crater
✓ Ólafsvík village
✓ Kirkjufell “The Church Mountain”
✓ Búðakirkja, “the Búðir Church”

✓ English speaking guide
✓ Minibus
✓ Small Group (max 19 persons)
✓ Wi-Fi and Icelandic music on board
✓ Lava caving tour
✓ Cave Equipment: helmets and head lamps
✓  Accommodation in a comfortable hotel with breakfast included and private bathroom

What you need to bring:
✓ Warm Clothes (first layer)
✓ Waterproof clothing (second layer)

Minimum age
✓ None. All welcome!

Good to know
• There will the plenty of stops to buy snacks and also a lunch stop.
• Order or availability of attractions may change due to road or weather conditions.
• The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and cannot be guaranteed by the operator. The hotels are in prime locations to maximize the changes of seeing them.
• Pick up is from designated locations in Reykjavík. Pick up from from Keflavík airport or outside of the greater capital area is not available.
• We recommended that you pack a small suitcase for this tour. Luggage storage is available for free if you bring it to the pick up location.
• Bring hiking boots with slip-resistant soles and ankle protection. Hiking boots are available as an extra when booking.

Explore the wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula with us for two full days!

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